Beauty and the Purpose of Earth

Beauty is that which  carries the purpose of the Earth within the Solar System:                                                                                               beautiful thought, beautiful speech, beautiful relationships, beautiful work.  The laws of the Earth enabling people to understand and cooperate intelligently, creating organizations that improve life with unselfish motives are the means of growth toward beauty.  One method of developing your own carrying of the laws and purpose of Earth is to   daily set aside ten to thirty minutes to think and write about “seed ideas” which grow your understanding and creative living into the Beauty of the purpose of your life.  An example of a “seed idea” is Beauty.  Write the forms beauty takes, such as beauty in inspired parenting , and beauty of music and art and movies which carries the purpose of Earth.  Then write the qualities of beauty which carry high purpose such as creation of harmony in thinking, harmony in action, with examples such as would end wars and abuses and exploitation in any type.  The  write the purpose of beauty in many different examples each day.