World Integrity Council

Teaching Universal Principles Which Build Nations

Martha Alexander Thompson, M.A. Mass Communications, University Teacher, Writer

COURSES offered to every Nation online and through Educational Institutions

Leadership Renewal of Ethics

Online Curriculum For Leaders

  1. Seeing and developing the Purpose of a Nation and the Global Purpose
  2. Developing  Principles of the U.N. and the 45 Laws of Thought that develop them including their historical development in every Country
  3. Breaking out of past patterns of thought and personal identities that inhibit Purpose
  4. The science of thinking:  the method of questioning and discerning and developing integrity
  5. The interdependence, symbiosis, and eventual synthesis of all life and Nations
  6. Characteristics of leaders: Integrity Questionnaire
  7. Overcoming prejudices and bigotries
  8. Overcoming fear and self-doubt
  9. Withstanding temptations
  10. The difference between power and force

Preparing A Human Rights Conscience Globally

  1. Proposal for worldwide city and National Peace Councils
  2. Proposal for Mayors and City Halls worldwide to stop unethical surveillance
  3. Proposal for healing the Nations from effects physically of injurious surveillance