Developing Your Future

World Integrity Institute purpose is to create courses and programs  which bring an ethical conscience into American and world governance and into family living creating citizens of high ethical conscience and intelligence.

Home Study Courses for anyone ages 15-105

It is possible to come through many crises or emotional/mental difficulties if you have the right psychological approaches to them.  The following selfstudy courses are very beneficial in case of difficult challenges.  These courses are also of tremendous help to anyone to strengthen their relationships with others and to become more mentally inclusive and alert to the needs of others.  They are excellent for raising the focus of marriages and friendships to greater possibilities and therefore create a greater future.  Order from Martha Thompson, World Integrity Institute, [email protected], 258 Evergreen Drive,#9, Lake Oswego, Oregon 97034

    1. Healing the Heart” is a 13 month psychological course to heal painful memories, overcome problems in difficult relationships, renew hope and overcome bitterness. It also helps in repairing memory loss and is useful also in Alzheimers disease. $15.
    2. Freeing the Mind” is an eight month course that heals people from emotional mental patterns that cause disease. It is freeing and recharging. $5.
    3. Engrams: Causes of violence, fear, rapes, domestic problems” is a short program which helps people clear out subconscious memories from their past that control their behavior. $5.
    4. “Healing with Thought”
      1. Hope Exercise” is a mental program in which you daily renew practical hope when it has been destroyed through depression, anxiety, discouragement, suicidal thoughts, abuses, and even disease. Hope reconnects you to all possibilities and healing energies and a greater future with true values.  $3
      2. Responsibility Exercise” helps you to become very aware of the effect of your thought on others and how to become responsible in that, and to overcome all fear or negative thoughts so that you can follow through and do the very right thing. $3.
    5. Identity Repair” is a daily mental exercise which rebuilds a person’s identity when there has been sadness, depression, trauma, shock or discouragement or a loss of identity. $3.