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Creating Your  Mind

Thank God and all who carried His great Principles and Laws into daily living which influence many to develop creative intelligence which only grows with high levels of respect for all forms of life.

New Age and Old Age

Moses was new to his age and his followers were lengthily wandering without public acceptance.  They brought in new ideas and laws that weren’t in acceptance before.  They were new age then.  Krishna brought in new ideas to India which taught people how to question and find answers that healed causes of inner and outer wars.  His Teachings were new age because of their newness in teaching how to look into oneself and find the courage to overcome injustice and violations of others. He introduced much in compassion.  Buddha brought in a new age of laws of thinking which tremendously influenced thousands of years of efforts to overcome delusions and greed and mental / emotional causes of diseases. He was very new in teaching cause and effect and how to think responsibly.  Jesus brought in new teaching to his age which was sacrifice of the selfish to become a humble compassionate server in the greater whole of life.  He was the first to bring in the constant higher Will to mankind, standing for the Will of God with unbending purity creating inner strength and nonviolence.  In the last century there is new age arising in teachings which are those of Alice Bailey and Torkom Saraydarian and a few more who teach the laws and principles common to all ages bringing in a new Law of Synthesis which wasn’t ever in action before.  In synthesis the purpose of our Earth as a whole is found in which problems are solved by using the different approaches of many countries and religions and sciences and arts and healing.  Psychology has laws and principles such as nonviolence, freedom of lawful speech and thought and of travel and friendships and work which are the sane as that of religion and governments and philosophies.  This is ending bigotries of religion in which each thinks they are the only one God approves, and ending bigotries in science and government and philosophies in which they think the religions aren’t as valid.  However, the current new age teaching of those who study comparative religions and philosophies and governments in their common laws and principles in honest action is a solution to the misunderstanding of “new age” and approval for bigotries and their abuses.  The United Nation’s is an example of current new age efforts to create integration of all nations in applying common laws and principles such as found in the US Constitution and the Declaration of Independence.  It is found that wars and crimes and diseases, physical and mental, are solved by the Law of Synthesis in action by many countries.  Synthesis is the active effort in every nation to work in their unique service field efforts and religions and  governments approaches to solve world problems.  They accept the validity of every country and their creative labors without favoritism or bigotry.  They are respecting the tremendous laws and teachings of the past ages genuinely and learning to understand the growth of civilization through all nations and their differences.  This teaching of the laws and principles of all is vital to be taught more fully in every school and business and government organization and religion to end world problems as are currently ongoing.  Spying would drop in governments significantly.

Create the Future Security of Nations

1.  List all problems in the world that are major causes of ill health, environmental, disasters, economic disasters, conflicts, wars, bigotry abuses, sadism, child abuse, memory loss, marital abuses, toxic soil and nature from manufacture and use of plastic and synthetic with resultant diseases;  tree deaths and diseases in every country from pollution and from dangers of surveillance which distorts atmosphere.

2.  Create jobs to end each problem.

3.  Test all adults and see if they have qualifications, inner drive and talent for specific jobs that end problems.

4.  Redirect populations into those jobs. 

5.   Closely monitor those jobs and see if the most effective solutions are being applied.

6.  Create a monthly magazine which presents the world problems and the progress being made toward solving them and the most innovative and successful solutions.

Beauty and the Purpose of Earth

Beauty is that which  carries the purpose of the Earth within the Solar System:                                                                                               beautiful thought, beautiful speech, beautiful relationships, beautiful work.  The laws of the Earth enabling people to understand and cooperate intelligently, creating organizations that improve life with unselfish motives are the means of growth toward beauty.  One method of developing your own carrying of the laws and purpose of Earth is to   daily set aside ten to thirty minutes to think and write about “seed ideas” which grow your understanding and creative living into the Beauty of the purpose of your life.  An example of a “seed idea” is Beauty.  Write the forms beauty takes, such as beauty in inspired parenting , and beauty of music and art and movies which carries the purpose of Earth.  Then write the qualities of beauty which carry high purpose such as creation of harmony in thinking, harmony in action, with examples such as would end wars and abuses and exploitation in any type.  The  write the purpose of beauty in many different examples each day. 

Human Worth

A person is judged never by what he accumulates in properties or appearance but by what he does to improve the World.  Equal Justice, freedom, nonviolence, compassion, understanding, opportunities for everyone to serve in fields that raise mental and physical health and intelligence – meeting the needs of others without bias – are the measurements of judging each human life.  Martha Lois Alexander Thompson, Teacher of Integrity Mapping of Persons, Groups and Nations, and writer of psychological courses to renew wherever ethics are lost.

 Psychology of American terrorists

People who think of taking many lives, including those who are list killers for others who dislike people personally and won’t allow fair public Grand Jury Supreme Courts in each case where someone is listed to be killed  (because the individuals being killed are free from anything of capital crimes) are those who either dislike themselves intensely and therefore cannot respect and protect others lives, or they are those who were brought into it by abuse of others and can’t think fearlessly to protect others.  The healing of the psychology of paid terrorists such as crime checkers and backgroundcheckers who get paid to kill citizens secretly by lists begins when they recognize they can’t engage in the terror crimes they are in worldwide and give back everything financial they ever took from giving diseases or giving secret deaths . They should give every holding to an altruistic nongovernmental funding and job creation organization and have the freedom from bigotry to care responsibly for the raising of poor, elderly and disabled into healthier happier and more intelligent citizens.  This freedom of total giving heals the greed into compassionate people.  The real human identity is compassionate and allgiving.  As people agree to live the greater purpose of  themselves by cooperating with others to give everything free in protecting especially the poor and disabled and that which is vitally necessary to their Nation, and even to give time in protecting something of the Earth they then build the true identity – that which is in alignment with the Earth’s purpose. They then respect themselves and can protect others. People who in honesty can respect themselves because they end permanently everything related to taking lives which they were engaged in, are able to begin admiring others works without coveting them or feeling jealous if the person is greatly appreciated.  All who respect themselves because of being in service to give aid of some kind to the real needs of others have an identity with all life which prevents any injury to others.

Integrity Mapping Questionnaire

Countries have common Principles which they all hold in written Constitution and citizenship oaths.  Every country has agreed on common Principles and Articles to achieve them since 1947 after World War II.  Each humanbeing worldwide is under oath to personally live the Principles and Articles in their private lives and public life.  If they do – this holds countries free from crimes, warfare, sex abuses, bigotries and exploitations, and religious misunderstandings.  The health and sanity of every Nation is created by citizen daily Principles in action.  Those nations with the highest mental health problems and poorest decisionmaking which causes catastrophes in many different areas are those who break their written internationally agreed on Principles in their governments and present unprincipled living in TV, Films, computer shows and games and music.  They usually take marijuanna or other drugs too. Businesses who break their Principles are those who invent and sell that which causes ill health to citizens physically and psychologically and to the environment and to the food supplies.  Tests must be always administered to find where unprincipled decisions and inventions and government actions and media is being made in order to protect and to heal the countries.  The following are fifteen Principles agreed on internationally.  Everyone individually and in organizations and in families are to measure their daily action and thought and media viewing by these Principles.  The media viewed shapes character and thinking and attitudes toward others and thus determines the future of everyone unitedly.  We are each responsible to ensure only Principled behavior and insist legally on only Principled news, TV shows and films, computer games and books and magazines and music since all can incite to crime if unprincipled.


1.  Peace  –  achieved in part psychological by laws of harmlessness, understanding, and identity with all

2.  Equality – reached in part by psychological laws of fairness, non-bigotry, and respect for the dignity of all.

3.  Justice –  laws are truthfulness, righteousness and discernment

4.  Respect – laws are trustworthiness, detachment and humility

5.   Progress – laws are responsibility, sharing, compassion

6.  Tolerance – hindsight, forgiveness, and absense of egotism

7.  Unity – purity of motive, bridging where there are divisive factors, and hope to envision higher standards and possibilities

8.  Common Consent – creating a common interest,comeasurement (measuring everything against high standards) and       adaptability

9.  Cooperation – ability to see various viewpoints, sense of direction, and service

10.  Harmony –  right placement of people for positive influence on each other, creativity between people, balance in all efforts

11.  Non-forcefulness –  achieved by laws of non-manipulation,  admitting mistakes, adamant will to protect the greates future

12.  Freedom – attained by right thought, self-discipline, and sacrifice for the common welfare.

13.  Human Rights – unselfishness, conscience, and pure reason 

14.  Security –  achieved by goodwill, protection of all, belief in the dignity and worth of every person

15.  Spirit of Brotherhood – attained by vision,  beneficient labor, and welcoming new ideas that are good for all

To Integrity Map any town, State or even internationally, Questionnaires on integrity mapping are to be distributed to the citizens organizations and they include the above mentioned Principles plus questions on how they the citizens themselves understand and apply them daily.  The following citizenship organizations for integrity mapping are selected as examples and of what they can do.

I.  Grade Schools, high schools, colleges and business schools. Teachers are to be given the questionnaires on the Principles and how they can be understood and lived and the various psychological methods to strenthen far sighted thinking in all to much better discern cause and effects in choices all day.  These are to be given to students.  They will be listed below.  All students are to be given the request to list the specific TV shows, films, computer shows, games, books, music and magazines each has been listening to or watching for a year and then asked specific questions as to what mental and physical problems they developed and what memory losses, temper flares and irritability, and growth in selfishness, disrespect of others and of their privacy and rights, bigotries, criticalness, competetive power manias and broken promises oaths, vows, and bitterness, and hopelessness.  The students will then be asked to map out with their teachers in a class setting or in an auditorium, the specific Principles needed in their lives and how to develop them.  This will include being a viewer of and listener of only that which increases high principled living and thinking.  No exposure to images which could incite to crime or irresponsible, dishonest or abusive behavior – even mentally or emotionally – is to be allowed in the home or business or at friends or in the library.   Specific courses which build integrity and higher abilities to think clearly and ethically will be given to the students. This will be monitored by the teachers every week by the return of Questionnaires the students fill out.

II.  Librarians.  Libraries can use the integrity mapping lists of the above fifteen Principles to the libraries computer shows and games and books and can give questionnaires to patrons followed by courses

III.  Security Force including all branches and military can be given the same Questionnaire.  Trained citizens who have been prepared by ethics counseling, and who keep the laws themselves, are to administer as above.   Courses will be given

IV.  Hospitals and Mental Hospitals can integrity map on each patient  and courses will be 

  V.  Retirement and Rest Homes can integrity map

VI.   Prisons can integrity map on each prisoner

VII.  Fallen Warriors  – those with PTSD symptoms from military involvement can do integrity mapping

Questionnaire Topics

Healing With Thought 

Martha Lois Alexander Thompson     Every thought affects the presence of elements in the blood and brain.  If an individual becomes depleted of a positive element such as of phosphorus he has two choices for healing.   He or she can purchase it in a bottle and renew the elements in the body.  However if the person’s thought remains the same in the negative emotions that depleted the element, such as ill will has been said to deplete phosphorus, it will be a losing effort.  The mineral supplements  are not that effective when the thinking continues to break down the elements.  The most essential is to train the public in ways to think that prevent the breakdown of elements.  They must learn also how to rebuild their elements when they are depleted.  This list is given in Torkom Saraydarian’s books such as New Dimensions in Healing.  For example, hemoglobin is destroyed when a person hates or has malicious thinking and can be rebuilt only when that person has unconditional love.  Another example is that cancer comes from spite. Learning to forgive or ask forgiveness heals it.  True healing only occurs when there is renewal of integrity and therefore debt repayments and truthful living. Integrity is the ability to integrate, and only this brings about peace witin oneself, one’s family, nation and between nations.