New Age and Old Age

Moses was new to his age and his followers were lengthily wandering without public acceptance.  They brought in new ideas and laws that weren’t in acceptance before.  They were new age then.  Krishna brought in new ideas to India which taught people how to question and find answers that healed causes of inner and outer wars.  His Teachings were new age because of their newness in teaching how to look into oneself and find the courage to overcome injustice and violations of others. He introduced much in compassion.  Buddha brought in a new age of laws of thinking which tremendously influenced thousands of years of efforts to overcome delusions and greed and mental / emotional causes of diseases. He was very new in teaching cause and effect and how to think responsibly.  Jesus brought in new teaching to his age which was sacrifice of the selfish to become a humble compassionate server in the greater whole of life.  He was the first to bring in the constant higher Will to mankind, standing for the Will of God with unbending purity creating inner strength and nonviolence.  In the last century there is new age arising in teachings which are those of Alice Bailey and Torkom Saraydarian and a few more who teach the laws and principles common to all ages bringing in a new Law of Synthesis which wasn’t ever in action before.  In synthesis the purpose of our Earth as a whole is found in which problems are solved by using the different approaches of many countries and religions and sciences and arts and healing.  Psychology has laws and principles such as nonviolence, freedom of lawful speech and thought and of travel and friendships and work which are the sane as that of religion and governments and philosophies.  This is ending bigotries of religion in which each thinks they are the only one God approves, and ending bigotries in science and government and philosophies in which they think the religions aren’t as valid.  However, the current new age teaching of those who study comparative religions and philosophies and governments in their common laws and principles in honest action is a solution to the misunderstanding of “new age” and approval for bigotries and their abuses.  The United Nation’s is an example of current new age efforts to create integration of all nations in applying common laws and principles such as found in the US Constitution and the Declaration of Independence.  It is found that wars and crimes and diseases, physical and mental, are solved by the Law of Synthesis in action by many countries.  Synthesis is the active effort in every nation to work in their unique service field efforts and religions and  governments approaches to solve world problems.  They accept the validity of every country and their creative labors without favoritism or bigotry.  They are respecting the tremendous laws and teachings of the past ages genuinely and learning to understand the growth of civilization through all nations and their differences.  This teaching of the laws and principles of all is vital to be taught more fully in every school and business and government organization and religion to end world problems as are currently ongoing.  Spying would drop in governments significantly.