Tests for healing Nations from rapidly lowering mental and physical health

Measurements of twenty-two elements in the body and environment as a gauge, with use of kirlean photography as a method

The following tests are to be conducted by World Integrity Institute according to its intention to discover that which promotes psychological and physical health and integrity in nations.  Many major diseases physically, psychologically, and environmentally are increasing rapidly in every country and are proven by researchers to be of disastrous proportions.  World Wild Life Fund among many other organizations have found in 2014 that 52% of wild animals in every country had died, and 76%of freshwater fish in every land had died.  The USA Forestry service discovered that the trees and vegetation worldwide has many diseases – increasing.  The water bodies of the Earth have acidified.  This makes acid rain which causes serious health problems from the agriulture chemistry distortion and from the rainwater filling the drinking water reservoirs.  The soil is unhealthy from it.  Tests must be carried on to determine the extent of the problems in every state in every country in human, animal, plant, forestry, water, atmospheric elements, and in human psychology conditions.  It was found that the adult population of America is taking medication for mental health problems at the count of one out of four people.  NAMI mental health organization did the research.  The causes of the problems in every country are to be proven and solutions made.

One test is to measure the loss of elements in the atmosphere, in the water, in food, in animals, and in human health.  Then tests will be conducted which will increase and balance the elements using thought and psychological exercises and music therapy.  It will be proven that each element is directly increased by the practice of certain direct laws of thought and living.  This will be proven for both human health and that of the increase of the health of the nature.  Tests will be made with measurements of the effects of different types of music on the human and animal and plant and water health determining which distorts the health and which improves it.

Children and mothers and the unborn children will be tested in the effect of thoughts and emotions, loud noises and different types of music, and movies, and conversations and books, games, pictures, and food and fluids, will be tested.  These will be always shown in conjunction with specific courses offered by World Integrity Institute, and in training classes in every town worldwide in organizations.

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