Healing With Thought 

Martha Lois Alexander Thompson     Every thought affects the presence of elements in the blood and brain.  If an individual becomes depleted of a positive element such as of phosphorus he has two choices for healing.   He or she can purchase it in a bottle and renew the elements in the body.  However if the person’s thought remains the same in the negative emotions that depleted the element, such as ill will has been said to deplete phosphorus, it will be a losing effort.  The mineral supplements  are not that effective when the thinking continues to break down the elements.  The most essential is to train the public in ways to think that prevent the breakdown of elements.  They must learn also how to rebuild their elements when they are depleted.  This list is given in Torkom Saraydarian’s books such as New Dimensions in Healing.  For example, hemoglobin is destroyed when a person hates or has malicious thinking and can be rebuilt only when that person has unconditional love.  Another example is that cancer comes from spite. Learning to forgive or ask forgiveness heals it.  True healing only occurs when there is renewal of integrity and therefore debt repayments and truthful living. Integrity is the ability to integrate, and only this brings about peace witin oneself, one’s family, nation and between nations.