Psychology of American terrorists

People who think of taking many lives, including those who are list killers for others who dislike people personally and won’t allow fair public Grand Jury Supreme Courts in each case where someone is listed to be killed  (because the individuals being killed are free from anything of capital crimes) are those who either dislike themselves intensely and therefore cannot respect and protect others lives, or they are those who were brought into it by abuse of others and can’t think fearlessly to protect others.  The healing of the psychology of paid terrorists such as crime checkers and backgroundcheckers who get paid to kill citizens secretly by lists begins when they recognize they can’t engage in the terror crimes they are in worldwide and give back everything financial they ever took from giving diseases or giving secret deaths . They should give every holding to an altruistic nongovernmental funding and job creation organization and have the freedom from bigotry to care responsibly for the raising of poor, elderly and disabled into healthier happier and more intelligent citizens.  This freedom of total giving heals the greed into compassionate people.  The real human identity is compassionate and allgiving.  As people agree to live the greater purpose of  themselves by cooperating with others to give everything free in protecting especially the poor and disabled and that which is vitally necessary to their Nation, and even to give time in protecting something of the Earth they then build the true identity – that which is in alignment with the Earth’s purpose. They then respect themselves and can protect others. People who in honesty can respect themselves because they end permanently everything related to taking lives which they were engaged in, are able to begin admiring others works without coveting them or feeling jealous if the person is greatly appreciated.  All who respect themselves because of being in service to give aid of some kind to the real needs of others have an identity with all life which prevents any injury to others.